How to light a cigar properly

The cigar is undoubtedly one of the fascinations of many men across the globe. In order to derive optimum pleasure from the cigar, it is important for the lighting procedure to be performed conscientiously.

Know how the cigar is to be lit up the right way

  • Firstly, you need to cut the cigar’s tip using a tool that is meant to undertake this specific task. It can be guillotine cutter or special cigar cutters.  Do not cut excess or little, but approximately 1/6” to derive the perfect draft. Prior to cutting the cigar, make sure that it is moist. Ideally, you are likely to use a humidor to keep the cigars in perfect condition. In case, you do not have a humidor, then you should moist the cigar gently using your saliva, by placing it in your mouth. This will ensure that the cigar does not crackle.
  • Secondly, use a wooden stick or gas lighter to light up the cigar. Cedar wood stick is quite ideal for this purpose. Avoid using treated matches or gasoline lighter as it is likely to affect your cigar’s taste.
  • Thirdly, hold the cigar with its angle pointing downwards to flame, thus keeping it above burning flame. Rotate it gently and keep it there until there is glowing of cover leave all around its perimeter. When lighting, it is not necessary to take a puff. Once the cigar is lit, you can take pleasure in smoking it.
  • Do not inhale it to your lungs. Rather take slow drag, allow the smoke to stay for sometime within your mouth prior to exhaling it. Before you go for the next puff, allow it to rest for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. The cigar is not to be allowed to get extremely hot. Cooler the smoke, the more pleasure can be derived.
  • Remember to keep ash on the cigar tip for a longer duration. It will specify about your cigar’s quality. The ash is likely to for longer time in finer quality cigars. Once the ash pillar is eliminated, roll gently the tip against the ash tray. Once you have puffed 1/3rd of your cigar, you are at its peak. This is known as the ‘Golden Third’.

If you are done with puffing and are not finding the taste to be any good and want to quit, then simply stub it out. Even you can leave the cigar in the ashtray till it goes out on its own.

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