Davidoff cigars review

Davidoff is an iconic brand made by Russian connoisseur, Zino Davidoff who was a part of the foundation of the tobacco import from Cuba. In the early 1800, his family has been among the first to get cigar sticks manufactured. Russian industries were pioneers in it and Zino Davidoff was born in the family of tobacconists. But everything you need know about this famous brand is written below in the Davidoff cigar review.

Zino Davidoff

In this Davidoff cigar review you’ll see that Zino Davidoff is born 1906 and moved to Switzerland where his father opened a tobacco shop, Davidoff of Geneva. Davidoff’s father had a flourishing business but had a greater sense of adventure, which lead him to South America and The Caribbean where Mr. Davidoff immersed himself in the rich culture of tobacconists. Farmers and laborers taught Mr. Davidoff is the rhythm of soil. Mr Davidoff returns to Davidoff of Geneva and with Zino’s vision created the first climate-controlled room for tobacco production.

Also, you should read this Davidoff cigar review because you probably didn’t know that during the wars in Europe, Zino acquired the Parisian inventory of Cuban Havana Cigars protecting them from the volatility on the stock market. Zino enjoys raving success after the war as he is catapulted to a renowned brand in the cigar world. This success inspires Zino to create a new accessory, the humidified box; an accessory that preserves the flavor and smell of the tobacco. Zino calls his Humidified box the “humidor”.

Reconnecting with the roots in peace time

Zino Davidoff reconnected with Cuban Tobacconists and founded the Chateau series including the grand Cru but more noticeable the Davidoff Cigar No.1 and No.2 and Ambassadrice. In 1987 Zino opened Davidoff of Geneva in New York city using a Honduran tobacco plant for Davidoff Cigars.

The nationalization of industries in Cuba has happened in 1967, and after it, Davidoff was approached by Cubatabaco. Not long after that, El Laguito factory took over the production of Davidoff cigars.

In this Davidoff cigar review, you’ll see a list of exactly 18 products listed for sale. Among those listed, there are ratings of 85, 82, 77, 64 the listed brands are; Davidoff No.1, Davidoff No.2, Tubos, Mille Series 1000, Mille Series 2000, Mille Series, 3000, Mille series 4000, Mille series 5000, Gran Corona, Don Perignon, Chateau Yguem, Chateau Muton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Haut-Brion, Ambassadrice, 80 Aniversario.

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