Dunhill cigars review

Smoking tobacco wasn’t always a “bad habit”. Over a century ago, it was considered a mandatory after-dinner ritual of wealthy business people.

At the same time, at the beginning of the 20th century, companies began to appear on the production and sale of cigarettes, brands that were popular with smokers today. For example, Dunhill cigars whose homeland is England. In the Dunhill cigar review below, you can read all about this famous brand.

History of the brand

In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco store, where various types of tobacco, tobacco mixtures and smoking appliances were offered to customers. The entrepreneur himself is a supporter of innovation and a lover of experiments. The brand offers their customers unusual mixes and combinations of tobacco, helping customers to choose the optimal taste and strength. Among visitors of the small London shop were mostly gentlemen, consisting of elite English clubs and wealthy celebrities of that time.

Since that time, the brand of Dunhill tobacco products has become very popular in England, and later in the whole world, so in this Dunhill cigar review you’ll find more info about this brand.

The first cigarettes of this brand appeared in stores in 1912.

Popular types

Having received a huge distribution around the world, the brand Dunhill tries to constantly offer the buyer all new solutions and improved flavors of tobacco products. This Dunhill cigar review reveals which are the most popular:

Dunhill White

Dunhill Gold

Dunhill Blue

Dunhill Red

Dunhill fine cut series:

Blue – very light, made in Switzerland.

Master Blend – light.

Black – The strongest and heaviest, considered as male.

Dunhill Frost – very light cigarettes.

Dunhill International – there are Red and Blue, common in the US.

The length of the cigarette is standard 100 mm, all of them are filtered. The quality of tobacco is preserved through the proper processing of tobacco leaves, gentle drying and subsequent storage. Cutting the sheet is done in thin strips.

What makes this brand one of the best?

Not the least role in the quality of these cigars has a properly designed pack and it must be mentioned in this Dunhill cigar review. In the production of packaging Dunhill use a number of distinctive features that will help the buyer to distinguish the original product from false ones.

  1. Ribbed surface.
  2. Foil inside was replaced with a film that tightly closes a pack of cigarettes and thus does not allow tobacco to absorb odors or lose its unique aroma. This method of packaging is one of the main distinguishing features of the brand.
  3. Packs of cigarettes are closed in a tightly fitting thin film. The original has no external damage.

Davidoff cigars review

Davidoff is an iconic brand made by Russian connoisseur, Zino Davidoff who was a part of the foundation of the tobacco import from Cuba. In the early 1800, his family has been among the first to get cigar sticks manufactured. Russian industries were pioneers in it and Zino Davidoff was born in the family of tobacconists. But everything you need know about this famous brand is written below in the Davidoff cigar review.

Zino Davidoff

In this Davidoff cigar review you’ll see that Zino Davidoff is born 1906 and moved to Switzerland where his father opened a tobacco shop, Davidoff of Geneva. Davidoff’s father had a flourishing business but had a greater sense of adventure, which lead him to South America and The Caribbean where Mr. Davidoff immersed himself in the rich culture of tobacconists. Farmers and laborers taught Mr. Davidoff is the rhythm of soil. Mr Davidoff returns to Davidoff of Geneva and with Zino’s vision created the first climate-controlled room for tobacco production.

Also, you should read this Davidoff cigar review because you probably didn’t know that during the wars in Europe, Zino acquired the Parisian inventory of Cuban Havana Cigars protecting them from the volatility on the stock market. Zino enjoys raving success after the war as he is catapulted to a renowned brand in the cigar world. This success inspires Zino to create a new accessory, the humidified box; an accessory that preserves the flavor and smell of the tobacco. Zino calls his Humidified box the “humidor”.

Reconnecting with the roots in peace time

Zino Davidoff reconnected with Cuban Tobacconists and founded the Chateau series including the grand Cru but more noticeable the Davidoff Cigar No.1 and No.2 and Ambassadrice. In 1987 Zino opened Davidoff of Geneva in New York city using a Honduran tobacco plant for Davidoff Cigars.

The nationalization of industries in Cuba has happened in 1967, and after it, Davidoff was approached by Cubatabaco. Not long after that, El Laguito factory took over the production of Davidoff cigars.

In this Davidoff cigar review, you’ll see a list of exactly 18 products listed for sale. Among those listed, there are ratings of 85, 82, 77, 64 the listed brands are; Davidoff No.1, Davidoff No.2, Tubos, Mille Series 1000, Mille Series 2000, Mille Series, 3000, Mille series 4000, Mille series 5000, Gran Corona, Don Perignon, Chateau Yguem, Chateau Muton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Haut-Brion, Ambassadrice, 80 Aniversario.

Best cigar torch lighters

There are many different types of cigar lighters which makes choosing the best a tough decision. There are certain factors that one needs to put into consideration during the process of making a choice. For regular smokers the lighter will be used frequently so it important that is stays in a good working condition. The best cigar torch lighters should be reliable, high quality and worth the asking price. This article is intended for those individuals who are yet to find a cigar lighter that suits them and have been through many disappointing brands or individuals that are new to cigar accessories.

Black label dominator by Lotus

This cigar lighter has been manufactured by Lotus and given the name “The Swiss army knife of cigar lighters” due the fact that it is accompanied by concealed utensils on the walls. The name “dominator” has however stuck over the years as a result of it being distinct from the normal pocket lighter which makes it outstanding not only in design but also in functionality. The flame produced by this lighter is a mighty 4- jet which makes it easy to light even some of the largest cigars. The tank capacity of the lighter is very high and remarkable which makes it the best cigar torch lighters available in the market. The tank capacity lasts depending on an individual’s frequency of smoking so for some the lighter might last for weeks while for some months before they refill it. The lighter is easy to operate with the adjustment wheel flame for the flame easy to operate.

This lighter comes with a twin blade punch cutter which allows an individual to choose if they want big or little punches. Though it is not all individuals that use punch cutters having the bonus feature gives the user a nice feeling and a chance to use the cutter might appear when it is least expected. The extreme end of the cutter is a pair of scissors that are razor sharp and can be used for cutting cigars with round heads. When all the unique characteristics of this lighter such as quality design, bonus features and the quad flame make it one of the best torch lighters.

Vertigo Big Buddha Table lighter Quad flame cigar torch lighter

If you are in search of the most ideal cigar table lighter this is definitely the ideal lighter for you. The lighter is made of metal exterior with a large fuel capacity. The flame is a quad jet torch. At the bottom part of the lighter is a fold-out cigar punch that can be used to cut the different sizes of cigars and below the cutter is the wheel used to adjust the flame. This lighter is ideal for poker nights or any other occasion where smoking happens regularly. There is a life warranty and other added bonuses that make this one of the best cigar torch lighters.