The Difference Between Being Smart, Educated, and Intelligent


Alfie Kohn, author of the book What Does It Mean To Be Well Educated? poses the question, does the phrase well educated refer to a quality of schooling you received, or something about you? Does it denote what you were taught? Or what you remember?

I contend that to be well educated is all in the application; the application and use of information. Information has to be used in order to become knowledge, and as we all have heard, knowledge is power.

Most people are aware of the floundering state of education in this country on some level. We tell our children that nothing is more important than getting a “good” education, and every year, due to government budget shortfalls, teachers are laid off, classes are condensed, schools are closed, and many educational programs – especially those which help the underprivileged – are cut.

The reality is, we don’t really value education. We value it as a business, an industry, political ammunition, and as an accepted form of discrimination, but not for what it was intended: a means of enriching one’s character and life through learning.

What we value as a society, are athletes and the entertainment they offer. The fact that a professional athlete makes more money in one season, than most teachers in any region will make in their careers, is abominable. There’s always money to build new sports stadiums, but not enough to give teachers a decent (and well-deserved) raise.

Ironically, the best teachers don’t go into the profession for money. They teach because it’s a calling. Most of them were influenced by a really good teacher as a student. With the mass exodus of teachers, many students are not able to cultivate the mentoring relationships that they once were able to because so many are leaving the profession – voluntarily and involuntarily – within an average of three years.

At the high school level, where I got my start, the emphasis is not on how to educate the students to prepare them for life, or even college (all high schools should be college-prep schools, right?), it was about preparing them to excel on their standardized tests. Then the controversial “exit” exams were implemented and literally, many high schools were transformed into testing centers. Learning has almost become secondary.

This mentality carries over into college, which of course there’s a test one must take in order to enroll (the SAT or ACT). This explains why so many college students are more concerned with completing a course, than learning from it. They are focused on getting “A’s” and degrees, instead of becoming degreed thinkers. The latter of which are in greater demand by employers and comprise the bulk of the self-employed. The “get-the-good-grade” mindset is directly attributable to the relentless and often unnecessary testing that our students are subjected to in up board result 2018 schools.

Alfie Kohn advocates the “exhibition” of learning, in which students reveal their understanding by means of in-depth projects, portfolios of assignments, and other demonstrations.

He cites a model pioneered by Ted Sizer and Deborah Meier. Meier has emphasized the importance of students having five “habits of mind,” which are: the value of raising questions about evidence (“How do we know what we know?”), point of view, (“Whose perspective does this represent?”), connections (“How is this related to that?”), supposition (“How might things have been otherwise?”), and relevance (“Why is this important?”).

Kohn writes: It’s only the ability to raise and answer those questions that matters, though, but also the disposition to do so. For that matter, any set of intellectual objectives, any description of what it means to think deeply and critically, should be accompanied by a reference to one’s interest or intrinsic motivation to do such thinking…to be well-educated then, is to have the desire as well as the means to make sure that learning never ends…

Fit for love

I have a story to tell: when I was 28 years old, I weight 342 pounds.  I was at my sister’s wedding, as the maid of honor, and there wasn’t a dress that would fit me.  It was one of the most embarrassing, and worst days of my life.  I relived that day and my embarrassment over and over for years to come.

The one good thing that happened was that I decided to make a change.  I knew that I needed to lose weight, so I set about a rigorous exercise program and diet to make a big impact.  It wasn’t just about the dress size, I wanted to be desirable.  I wanted guys to call me their girlfriend, to hit on me, to approach me like a normal woman.  The changes that I needed to make sure that I was macked on and desirable were obvious, and I reached success!

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Now I weigh 142 lbs, going strong on 6 months now.  I don’t even miss the things I used to eat and the lounging on the couch.  More importantly, guys are all over me now.  It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had.  I go to a bar, and it’s pickup central – guys picking me up, me picking them up, sometimes I even get a good conversation going!  It’s so much fun to be one of the girls, rather than just a blimp that tags along.

I wish I had some secret diet formula, or secret way to attract men, but I have neither.  It’s all about setting goals and accomplishing them.  Knowing what you want to achieve, and getting out there and doing it.  It’s hard, it’s really hard, we all know that.  But once you get to the other side of the finish line, there’s nothing better.

Let me know if you all need any encouragement, I’m always here!  Go out there and get fit for the man of your dreams!

Drone Profession Alternatives and Coaching Programs

While you had been shopping for your very first drone, did you might have any concept that these aerial autos would develop into so in style and helpful that full-bodied coaching programs and examine modules could be made accessible to public by college and school diploma packages? Effectively, there are variety of faculties within the USA which are already providing drone coaching to hundreds of scholars. After all, drone engineering is a full-fledged self-discipline as a result of there are such a lot of varieties of unmanned aerial autos now accessible all through the world starting from easy just-for-fun drones to fight flying autos housing missiles and different payload and navy surveillance drones. Subsequent is the class of drone pilots that want strong coaching in addition to certification so as to develop into expert, dependable and professional pilots of those aerial autos. Within the years to come back, the drone trade is simply anticipated to develop and subsequently extra examine modules should be added to the pool for producing extremely expert drone consultants in varied fields drone photography.

Profession Alternatives for Drone Consultants

College students who determine to pursue a level in drone training have plenty of profession paths to take. A few of these embody;

· Army drone pilot

· Catastrophe management and aid

· Agriculture

· Search and rescue

· Site visitors management and reporting

· Package deal supply

· Filming and cinematography

· Aerial images

· Seismic examine and storm chasing

· Engineering and pc research

· Drone consultancy and coaching

· Drone insurance coverage

· Safety

· Firefighter

There could be many different fields the place drone functions are being acknowledged all through the world. Because the idea is comparatively new and nonetheless in its infancy, there’s a horde of alternatives for contemporary graduates of drone coaching packages. With the rising quantity of people that want to take these programs, there’s additionally a necessity for extra academics and instructors who might be paid big quantities of cash for transferring their abilities to the subsequent era of drone consultants.

The best way to Apply

In case you are concerned about one of many diploma packages or certifications in drone coaching, you first have to do some analysis on varied faculties which are presently providing examine packages on this discipline. There are on-line diploma packages as nicely, which you’ll simply take whereas sitting within the consolation of your private home. The appliance process is rather like making use of for every other diploma program; you might want to fill out an utility kind and submit it to the involved division together with required paperwork and a overlaying letter to indicate your curiosity in a specific school.